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Friends and Family Time

IMG_1706 IMG_1685IMG_1700Having grown up here in the Adirondacks and having either been away chasing the career, growing the family, or staying busy working on house renovatons  when in town I have been so excited to spend our vacation time here getting out to experience the back yard again. We have so been enjoying our time here without all of the diversions of every day life, limiting our connectivity with social medias, and concentrating on our connectivity with friends and family. We’re going for our runs, our bike rides, and catching up on some of the hikes that we have been wanting to explore while we’re here. We picked up a couple of guide books and started thumbing through them to realize that there were so many classics right here within 30 minutes driving. (Not to mention the amazing run from the house to Upper Tenant Falls!) We have so enjoyed the beauty  and the solitude of the Adirondacks, and what they have given us with regard to having “connected time” with each other. I remember taking some of these hikes in years past, and I remember them being quite fantastic. The chance to do them now with my family, uninterrupted, has been awesome!


Welcoming Fall


Following another brilliant summer, we are welcoming one of our favorite times in the Adirondacks. As the warm days turn to cool nights we get the best of our climates which highten the senses and make us feel so alive! The leaves will begin their transformation and brighten our days even further with their myriad of color. The warm day swims will beckon the cool evening campfires. We will be reinvigorated for getting out for those long hikes that we didn’t seem to fit in during the hectic summer days of swims and bike rides.  The Autumn harvests will be sure to fill our kitchens and our bellies.  While I am not one to rush time, I can’t wait for this time of year to fill me up. I have already busted out the flannel and can smell the wood smoke in the air..